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Rules for Renters

Please be respectful of the rules while staying at MV&G. Your fellow renters and owners appreciate it.


Any owner who offers for rent or lease his or her unit is obligated to inform the tenant that said tenant is required to adhere to all the Association rules and regulations applicable to all owners as well as the following:

Please be advised that the unit owner is financially liable for any guest, renter or tenant actions which results in fines or assessments caused from infractions, violations, or damage to the Common Areas including but not limited to the golf course, beach, marina, upper and lower parking areas, and the courtyard.  

1. Unit Access: Maintenance personnel must be allowed access to any unit not occupied 
to check and regulate the heat, check the unit status, and perform emergency services in 
accordance with Condo Association regulations. Entrance keys must be provided to      Maintenance for such periodic checks. 
2. Fall/Winter Heating Season: Storm door screens must be replaced with storm windows by 
October 15th.  Windows and doors are not to be left open during the heating season in 
order to control excessive heating expenses.  
3. Wood Stoves: Wood stoves or fireplaces are not allowed in any unit used for rentals and must 
be removed from unit prior to renting or disabled with a chain and lock to prevent use during 
rental period.  
4. Toilets/Plumbing: Owners must instruct their renters/tenants to flush only toilet tissue {no 
wipes, diapers, paper towels, sanitary napkins etc.) are to be flushed down the toilet and 
through the plumbing system.  If a plumbing issue arises as a result of any of these items being 
flushed down the toilet, the Owner will be responsible for the cost.  
5. Garbage Disposals: Owners are asked to specifically remind tenants that the following are not to be put into the sink drains/garbage disposals: •Grease •Coffee Grounds • Bones • Onion 
6. Unit Decks: All decks, owner or renter occupied, must be cleared of snow regularly 
throughout the winter snow season. If not performed by the Owner, the Owner must make 
arrangements to have this performed on a regular basis to prevent snow and ice load, or water 
7. Smoking: Smoking, of any kind, is prohibited on all walkways, unit decks and within 20 
feet of any building on the property which is in accordance with existing Maine State Law 
relating to required distance from non-smoking areas and insurance requirements. Violation of 
this Rule will result in an immediate fine of $250.00. 
8. Common Walkways, Decks and Stairs: These areas must be kept clear of any personal 
items, clutter, trash, boxes or obstruction of any kind at all times, due to fire regulations 
regarding access and suppression.  
9. Vehicles/ Parking: Each unit has maximum parking in the Courtyard of 2 vehicles per unit. 
Additional vehicles must be parked in overflow areas by the Clubhouse. Exceeding the 
assigned parking space may result in vehicle being towed at the Owner's expense, or an 
association fine being issued.  
10. Vehicles Snow Plowing: All occupants must adhere to the maintenance schedule for 
moving vehicles to allow for the efficient removal of snow during winter months. Vehicles 
must be parked on the left side of the Courtyard prior to and during a storm.  Once the right 
side of the Courtyard has been cleared of snow, vehicles must be moved back to the right 
side so that the left side of the Courtyard can then be removed of snow.   
11. Golf: Owner golf privileges are not available to tenants or renters. Greens Fee is 
$20.00/day. Carts are available for rent and the rental fee is $20.00 for 9 holes or $30.00 for 
18 holes for 1 or 2 players. Only 2 people per cart.  Must be 16 years of age or older to 
operate a golf cart. 
12. Marina Docks: Boat access and Marina use is limited to owner use only. No renter, 
tenant or guest will be allowed to dock a boat at the dock or in a marina slip even if 
the unit owner has an unoccupied slip. This is specifically outlined in our Marina 
Agreement with the State of Maine which handles permits for all private Marinas. Any 
watercraft occupying a space at the Marina that is not the property of the unit owner and 
having provided registration and insurance coverage to the SMV Condo Association, will be 
subject to a fine assessed daily until removed from Association docks/slips. ONLY ONE 
13. Grills: Only electric grills are allowed on the decks.  Gas, charcoal, or wood grills are 
prohibited within 20 feet of any building.  
14. Pets: Tenants, renters or their guests are not allowed to have pets of any kind on the property, except for therapy animals with proper medical documentation. 
15. Recreational Trailers:  Renters wishing to park an ATV, boat or snowmobile trailer during their stay (space permitting) must contact Mike with Maintenance at (207) 747-0207 or Steve, 
President of Pi I at 207-478-6667.  If appropriate space is not available, or the trailers exceed 
the space we have set aside, the trailer cannot be left on the SMV property and must be 
brought to the free ATV/Side-By-Side/Snowmobile Trailer Parking area available just past 
Breton/s Store in the Junction. 
16. Storage: Off-season storage on site is not available to non-owners for snowmobiles, ice 
fishing shacks, trailers of any kind, RV's, boats, canoes, kayaks, golf carts or any vehicle no 
in normal daily use.  
17. Trash/Garbage:  A disposal container is available behind the clubhouse for household trash 
only. Trash Disposal details are attached. 

      Thank you for your compliance. 


 UPDATED:  August 30, 2023 

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