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Rules for Renters

Please be respectful of the rules while staying at MV&G. Your fellow renters and owners appreciate it.


Any owner who offers for rent his/her unit is obligated to inform the tenant that said tenant is required to adhere to all the Association rules and regulations applicable to owners. Please note that the owner is financially liable for any renter damage and/or fines resulting from rules’ infractions. In addition, the following rules apply to all renters without exception:

1.Unit Access: Maintenance must be allowed access to any rental unit unoccupied in order to regulate the heat, check the unit and perform emergency services in accordance with Association regulations. Entrance keys must be provided to maintenance.

2.Heating: Windows and/or doors are not to be left open during the heating season.

3.Wood stoves: Wood stoves and/or fireplaces are not allowed in any rental unit and must be removed from any unit prior to renting.

4.Plumbing: Owners are asked to specifically remind their tenants that only toilet tissue (no diapers, towels, including paper towels, sanitary napkins, etc.) is to be flushed through the plumbing system.

5.Garbage disposals: Owners are asked to specifically remind their tenants that the following are not to be put into the sink drains/garbage disposals: ••: ••: Grease• Coffee grounds • Bones • Onion skins

6.Snow shoveling: All decks, renter-or owner-occupied, must be shoveled regularly during the snow season.

7.Walkways & decks: All decks and walkways are to be kept clear and uncluttered.

8.Vehicles & plowing: Renters must adhere to the maintenance schedule for moving their vehicles to allow for efficient snow removal

.9. Parking: Each unit has two parking spaces assigned. Additional vehicles must be parked in accordance with association regulations.

10.Pets: Renters or their guests are not allowed to have pets of any kind.

11.Storage: Storage on site is not available to renters for snowmobiles, ice fishing shacks, trailers, RVs, boats, canoes, kayaks, or any vehicle not used for normal transportation.

12.Boats: Boat access and marina use is not available to renters.

13.Golf: Owner golf privileges are not available to renters

.14. Trash: Renters must adhere to current rules for recycling and disposition of trash. Keys to the trash storage building must be made available by the owner.

15.Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in rental units, and any outside smoking must be in accordance with existing State of Maine laws relating to distance from nonsmoking areas.

16.Grills: No charcoal or wood fires of any kind allowed on decks or walkways. Any grill must be association approved.

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